Africa Fashion Week 2019 Runway - Ultra Wide Angle

Africa Fashion Week London is a well organised event and there is significant build up via PR team on social media in the months; weeks & days prior to launch. There is a well established team who are passionate about fashion design & culture and the models never fail to bring out the best in the clothing ranges they represent. 

For several shots I put a Sigma 15 mm fish-eye lens on my SLR (and corrected perspective in adobe camera raw) to try and capture the beauty & enormity of the location in Central London. The Freemasons Hall is full of character with nooks and crannies; staircases and bespoke rooms.

For 2019 the runway was raised and whilst I got to the venue with over 4 hours to spare there were still Photographers in attendance who were eager to get the best spot possible outside the 'house' press attendees. The 'press pit is fairly small and is also on a raised platform. I had brought a small step and got position on right hand side & marked up my space as oftentimes in the final run-up to shows there is a deluge off photographers turning up to squeeze into wherever they can find with wide range of gear.

On the Saturday I arrive just after 11:30 am and don't see daylight until 21:20 when I rush to get train from Kings Cross and head home. It's a long tiring day - particular as my little step isn't all that comfortable & only chance to stand up is between shows. Getting home to nice hot bath, large glass of cold cider with late meal of gammon shank & swede I relax and recall a great couple of days and look forward to backing up & reviewing photos the following day. Thank-you Africa Fashion Week London - I'm sure the Tenth year of the event will come round all too fast !

Checking Gear well in advance of show start time

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