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My name is Steve Mack and whilst my full time job is within 'IT' I have dabbled in photography as an enjoyable past-time for many years. I am happily married to Shannan who works as a Judges clerk during the week and care assistant part-time every other weekend. I also have a grown up daughter Gina who is a press officer for a global retailer based in London.I guess it would have been when Gina was young that I became most aware of black hair care. I had left Northern Ireland (where I was born & raised)  to start work in England - indeed I wasn't  long off the ferry when my world changed upon becoming a single working Dad and having to learn how to change nappies, do bottle feeds and use detangler & wide toothed comb !

Whilst I am aware that my 'people skills' are somewhat lacking there's something common that draws us into a daily routine of watching the human race. It's indeed compelling and fun to look onto a busy street from cafe window;  browse photos pinned onto gallery walls;  read the latest gossip news or having a genuine curiousity whilst internet page surfing - the world is packed full of fascination to which we crave to observe and capture.   

This website hopes to highlight the wonderful diversity of Black Hair & related style trends as seen on street, boutique and fashion events. 

Steve & Shannan x

''Faces, like places are what I remember, names I cannot recall .

Expressionful eyes, some gentle, some tender stay with me in Winter, Spring , Summer and Fall.

Faces convey pain, joy, pride and contempt Their character reveals hard work or endeavour.

Shaved clean or beautified, perfumed, unkempt,

They fascinate, bewilder but linger forever.'

The above was written by my late Father as a scribble on torn off paper upon me seeking school homework help as a boy 

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