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Hello and welcome to our website

This is the second incarnation of AfricanHair - the original being back around the year 2000. Unfortunately I was a tad negligent with web hosting fees and doing 'other things' and thus it eventually petered out. Nevertheless, I have maintained a keen interest in Photography and, with the help of my wife Shannan  we have put together a revamped selection of my images alongside  brief product reviews  (with thanks to the ''Soul Sisters What's App'' group).

Whilst I am aware that my 'people skills' are somewhat lacking there's something common that draws us into a daily routine of watching the human race. It's indeed compelling and fun to look onto a busy street from cafe window;  browse photos pinned onto gallery walls;  read the latest gossip news or having a genuine curiousity whilst internet page surfing - the world is packed full of fascination to which we crave to observe and capture.   

This website hopes to highlight the wonderful diversity of Black Hair & related style trends as seen on street, boutique and fashion events. 

Steve & Shannan x

Hope you enjoy....and if you can afford it then any donations would assist with camera gear, event attendance fees, website hosting, coffee and dreams for the future....

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