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Garnier - Restoring Body Butter


Body lotions, milks and creams from Garnier are formulated to help soothe, protect and restore your skin, leaving it feeling silky-smooth. Whether you're looking for an every day option, or something a little more intensive to soften dry skin, you'll find a body moisturiser enriched with natural extracts to aid your every need. Transform very-dry skin to feeling soft and supple with Garnier's Honey Treasures Ultimate Blend Restoring butter. 

Soul Sister Says

A quality product that's relatively inexpensive and long lasting - ideal to apply after long soak in bath or post Sunday morning shower. The texture is thick and lustrous and keeps the skin nourished all day. Packaging is tasteful and it smells divine - definitely 'a keeper' !

ORS - Olive Oil


Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Sheen Spray bathes each strand with a natural, healthy sheen. Olive oil has been used as a healing elixir to restore new life to anything it touched. It is rich in essential fatty acids that infuse moisture directly into the scalp and hair shaft. Excellent for thin hair as it doesn't weigh hair down.

With consistent use, olive oil has historically been known to improve elasticity and hydration of hair. Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Nourishing Sheen Spray is a non-greasy sheen enhancer created to restore the hair's natural moisture balance. A blend of Vitamin E, olive oil, and herbal extracts provide new life to all hair textures. Won't fog or bead like other sheen sprays and is free of fluorocarbons and drying alcohols.

Soul Sister Says

Comes in handy travel size in addition to standard - leaves hair soft but non greasy . It's great value and widely available - we say keep this to hand at all times to refrain from dry hair and brittle won't regret it !

ORS -Carrot Oil


A beta-carotene crème hair dress enriched with Vitamin E and herbal nutrients that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to impart herbal nutrients and vitamins to foster the repair of damaged hair and aid in stopping shedding. Free of petroleum and mineral oil, this product does not weigh hair down but serves to strengthen and moisturize hair. Carrot Oil is an excellent hairdress for fine to medium hair texturesMassage small amount into hair and scalp. Brush gently to ensure even distribution from root to end, paying particular attention to the ends of the hair.

Soul Sister Says

Perfectly sized tub of hair creme from a trusted source. Natural ingredients mean there is a fairly robust smell. Use it to help repair damage to scalp and promote regrowth. We love it !



Developed from natural plant extracts, T444Z is a very effective hair product. It is a cocktail of different extracts that have been proven to deal with different hair problems. Hair loss, hair line damage, thinning hair, brittle and dry hair, itchy scalp, dry scalp and dandruff problems are some common problems experienced. These need not bother you anymore as T444Z will stop them within two months. Continued use will ensure healthy hair that grows strong and without having to use any other product. Not only is it useful to people with hair problems; it is the only product proven to enhance the growth of hair for both women and men.

Soul Sister 'Phyllis' Says

I recommend T444Z Hair Food as it gave me peace of mind when experiencing breakage around my hair line. I've been applying this product for over a month and the results speak for themselves. Previously my hair lacked lustre and appeared limp & lifeless but now it's vibrant and looks much healthier. The product is quite pricey at £15.00 for 150g pot but worth every penny !

Dr Miracle's Braid Relief


Dr. Miracle's Braid Relief Spray is for the stubborn scalp problems you feel after braiding, locking, twisting or weaving your hair. Braid Relief Spray ends tightness, itching, dryness and all scalp irritation, while adding lustre and sheen to your hair. The spray wakes u==p your dead hair follicles, helping to end those slow growth problems.

Soul Sister 'Shannan' Says

I've been using this product for years post stumbling on it by accident. It cools the scalp and it's improved the quality of my hair immensely. I use this relief spray whilst my hair is in plaits, and when I remove my braids I'm amazed by the results and the overall condition of my natural hair. I owe it all to Dr Miracle - priced at circa  £4.79

Palmers Coconut Hair Oil Leave-In Conditioner


Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula products contain ethically and sustainably sourced Coconut Oil and Tahitian Monoi, infused with Tiare flower petals. These raw, natural ingredients deeply hydrate, repair damage and give hair incredible shine. Palmer's Coconut Oil Leave In Conditioner instantly detangles, putting an end to tugging and pulling at knotty, unruly hair. With a few sprays hair has instant slip and silkiness for easier comb-through and styling. Hair-nourishing emoliients fortify hair, control frizz, reduce split ends and give hair healthy-looking shine.

Soul Sister 'Shannan' Says

Palmers coconut oil leave in conditioner was recommended to me by a friend. I suffered from dry flyaway, split ends and brittle hair post months of hot combing & over use of my beloved  straighteners. I was literally pulling my hair out trying to find a product that would restore my once natural healthy yet unruly mane.

I've tried many products to restore the healthy condition my hair used to be in, but nothing compared to Palmers leave in coconut oil conditioner. I wasn't convinced that this bottle of conditioner could be the end of my hair troubles, but after using this product regularly - I can see the improvement already with my hair. Palmers feeds the scalp and puts back in all the nourishment in your hair, replenishing the damage caused by hot irons and alike.

I no longer see or feel the tight frizz I was plagued by after washing and drying my hair. And I'm no longer forced to re-apply products an hour later in a bid to lock in moisture. Palmers coconut oil leave in conditioner, is light and non greasy unlike some  conditioners which leave your hair lacking lustre. It's easy to apply & comes in a pump bottle for as little as £4.99 for 250ml. Highly Recommended !

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